The Shiver's


Bourbonnais, Illinois

Shelby and Jon are those kind of people that you instantly connect with and feel comfortable with! I am not going to lie, sometimes it is nerve racking showing up to a session where you never met the person and they were referred to you by someone else! Of course you want to impress them and make sure they like you! You hold a high standard when it comes to being a photographer, but all of those nerves diminished as soon as I met them! I am so grateful that they were referred to me by a local friend. They brought along their two Dalmatian's, Archie and Finn, which was awesome because I have never met Dalmatian's in-person before!

After we finished with their family photos with Finn and Archie, Parker (their friend) took the boys elsewhere so we could focus on just them two for awhile! They decided to bring an outfit change and it was the perfect touch! It was an honor capturing this family and I hope we get to do another session in the future!!