Meaghan + Jordyn

Sunflower Minis

July 22nd, 2022

Sista Sistaaa! These two are complete GEMS! I have had the privilege of knowing them both since they were in diapers. My mom used to babysit the both of them, so we grew up together! For the past year, I have offered sunflower minis and I usually search for a model when I am about to announce my mini sessions. SOOO, I reached out to the both of them for a sister-themed sunflower shoot! In my defense, this was the BEST idea because they turned out absolutely amazing and they both showed up with RADIATING joy and laughter. I wanted to put this session on repeat! The reel I ended up posting on Instagram from the session is actually still my most popular reel to this day! I may just have to inquire with them again in the future... ;)