A little life update for y'all!

Busy busy busy!! There is really no other way to describe my life right now, but I am feeling so blessed! The past couple months have flown by, but really every day FLIES BY! They really are not joking when they say the older you get, the faster time goes....

Let's see.... where to start....

We have welcomed TWO more fur babies into our fam bam! Yes, that means we have SIX animals now... three cats and three dogs. But honestly, we would not have it any other way. We really do not plan on having kids, so these babies are our babies! Just LOOK how cute they all are together!! I cannot get enough of them!! (Don't worry - absolutely NO MORE animals! LOL)

As far as my photography schedule goes, I have 10 sessions this month (August), and 9 next month (including 3 weddings!) and I am so excited for all of them. I am so so soooo lucky to call this my hobby, business, and lifestyle!

Celebrating our O N E year Anniversary!

And I can't believe it!! Gianni and I will be married a whole year already on August 27th! It has flown by! I am pleased to say that I genuinely fall more in love him with every single day and I am amazed by the man that he is and everything he does and provides for our family. We are celebrating with family photos with a splash of one year celebration photos (pictured below)! We are taking a trip next month to Gatlinburg and Nashville, Tennessee which we are SO looking forward to. We have not taken a vacation together (just us two - no dogs!) since June 2020!!

Photo credit to the amazing @jillianphotography

So much to look forward to in the upcoming months, but more on that later! ;)