Jessica and Zach


Frankfort, Illinois

OBSESSED with these two!!! I really do not think there is a better match made in heaven. They just fit together SO well! I previously worked with Jessica and everyone would always call us sisters because we look alike and share the same mannerisms. Honestly, we both cannot disagree though, lol! I have done previous sessions with Jessica and her fam, but I was beyond excited when she reached out to me to capture their wedding! What are the chances.... they are having a backyard wedding.... just like Gianni and I had.... guess we may really actually be soul sisters?!?! Maybe.. lol! Anyway, they met me super early on a cold morning and not many of my couples are down for that! At the end of the session, they decided to shot gun a beer together @ 9:30 a.m... shows how fun their wedding is going to be!!! Enjoy these two cuties ;)