Emma & Anthony


Lisle, Illinois

Ahhh!! This session!! I met Emma in August of 2022 at my best friend's bachelorette party! The first thing Marina said to me about her was that "we would get along so well". WELL.... she wasn't wrong!! Isn't it funny how networking works?! I have now gained an amazing new wedding couple, and a friend!

It was so fun hanging out with Emma and Vacco. Btw, his real name is Anthony, but everyone calls him Vacco so that's what I am going to call him too! We went to a Whiskey Bar in downtown Lisle since they both love their Whiskey! After that, we went to the high school they were sweethearts at!!! What a great idea!! She was his cheerleader, so of course we had to get creative in the school halls! Last but not least, there was a local park right next to the school so we finished our session out there. The golden sun was UNREAL so those ended up being some of my favorite images of the whole session!!